Not Sure Where to Start?

We know — we’ve thrown quite a bit at you. If you’re not sure which tools or solutions may be best for your team, this page is your guide to learning more about all of them. Scroll down to find descriptions of the tools and assessments we provide to help organizations with talent acquisition, talent development, and company culture. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Everything DiSC® on Catalyst

Everything DiSC® isn’t just an assessment. It’s a comprehensive learning experience that encourages personal development and measures individuals’ tendencies based on four different styles: D, i, S, and C. These insights help team members learn more about themselves and those they work with, inspiring a more cohesive and engaged work environment.

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The Five Behaviors®

The Five Behaviors® assesses individuals on the five key behaviors a team needs to succeed: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. The program is designed to revolutionize the way team members work alongside each other — boosting engagement, improving productivity, and instilling a positive company culture.

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PXT Select™

PXT Select™ is a robust, innovative talent acquisition and onboarding solution. Designed to help organizations hire smarter and retain longer, the program consists of one assessment and four simple steps: plan, assess, choose, and engage. With a data-driven, yet human-centered approach, there’s no better method of ensuring the right people are in the right seats.

PTX Select

Working Genius

Working Genius is an assessment that helps individuals discover the unique strengths they bring to the workplace: wonder, invention, discernment, galvanizing, enablement, and/or tenacity. The assessment is followed by custom reports that discuss areas of working genius, competency, and frustration, paired with actionable insights to leverage that information.

Working Genius